About our company

Sequin King brings you:

  • High Quality products including: Sequin vests, sequin caps, belly dance scarves, sequin ties, sequin caps, and more.
  • Huge stock of sequin clothing and sequin costumes ready to be shipped around the globe.
  • Friendly, hospitable customer service in your quest to find the best sequin clothes.

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with quality products for the lowest prices possible.
  • To help our customers find the best sequin outfit for any reason, whether it be for a party, performance, or parade.
  • To make sure our loyal customers are completely satisfied.

Sequin King proudly caters to:

  • Small and big organizations all around the world.     
  • Schools, rodeos, parades, choirs, dance groups, tv shows, concerts, bands, magicians, and more.

People that buy from us include:

  • Greenville High School Flaming Flashes
  • The Glory Riders
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Crowley I.S.D. Honor Choir
  • The Boston Celtics

The People at Sequin King

  • Over 16 years in the business.
  • Family owned and operated.
  • Friendly and honest.

The History of Sequin King

  • Business founded in 1991.
  • The company began under the name "Chess". After extending our product line, we moved across the street and changed our name to "Z-Import". We are now known as Z-Import.  Our sequin costumes website name is Sequin King.  Since we are a family company, we are constantly striving to better serve our community.